Our Design Showroom

Our state-of-the-art Ottawa design showroom is full of furniture product lines that are constantly being updated and kept fresh with new products and the latest designs and décor ideas.

We have products and designs to suit any style. Whether you’re looking to create a trendy hot spot, a sophisticated and luxurious lounge, or a traditional style pub, our showroom will put everything you need at your fingertips.

From relaxing and modern leather furniture sets to classic Victorian designs, or from elegant dining furniture to funky and contemporary commercial kitchen appliances, we create spaces to satisfy every taste. And while our clients browse, they’re treated to exceptional and personal service from our helpful specialists and design experts. The showroom offers a comfortable, professional atmosphere, complete with food and beverage services.

Our boardrooms feature computers and 3-D design software, furniture product libraries, colour swatches, and telephone conference calls to connect clients to their designers and contractors.

In short, our design showroom makes it easy, simple, and convenient to fill your space with the perfect furniture and décor that will bring every room in it to life.
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