Join the Custom Bar Interiors network of top quality residential and commercial builder affiliates and offer your customers a memorable and increasingly high level of service they won’t experience anywhere else.

Our one-of-a-kind Custom Bar Interiors Solution ensures that your buyers receive a luxury level of service, excitement from their design, and truly enjoy the overall experience of outfitting their Ottawa home.  Everything they need for their new home will be available under one roof.

Custom Bar Interiors will also take care of the entire model home staging process, at a fraction of the typical high retail costs. You won’t have to worry about interior design, product set-up and install, or the costs of keeping your interior up-to-date with the latest trends. We do it all.

What we offer is an innovative way to sell your homes quicker while at the same time generating revenues and higher profit margins by tapping into the home outfitting and interior design market.

Here’s what a Custom Bar Interiors affiliation can offer you:


  • Complete collaboration with Custom Bar Interiors and our interior designers to bring out the best in restaurant at a fraction of the usual cost
  • Ottawa’s widest selection of designer and luxury products to “wow” your buyers, all at reduced costs;
  • Professional delivery, installation, and set-up for every product in your restaurant;
  • Exclusive Custom Bar Interiors information sessions within your model homes for your customers and staff;
  • Collaborative marketing materials that will help your customers understand all the many exciting benefits they will receive through your affiliation with Custom Bar Interiors;
  • Free interior design and décor consultations for your customers with our qualified team of experts.

And much, much more.  See why Custom Bar Interiors is the preferred choice of Ottawa’s Home Buyers and Home Owners.

Contact Custom Bar Interiors now to take advantage of all the unique solutions we can provide to you and your customers.

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