architectBring out the best in your work by finishing it with Custom Bar Interiors. We make everything simple with a one-stop process and Custom Bar Interiors Solution that you and your clients will love.

We will provide you and your customers with stunning interior designs, the latest furniture and bar décor, and first-class service they will never forget. You’ll never have to spend extra time on concerns beyond your scope of work.

The innovative solutions at Custom Bar Interiors will help you save time and boost your business volumes and profits.

Read more about the benefits you’ll enjoy as one of our valued Custom Bar Interiors affiliates.


  • Take advantage of our convenient processes and showroom to help your clients envision the finishing touches to your designs;
  • Training and information on every product we sell is always available to you or your staff. You will always be informed on everything you need in order be set up for success when presenting our products to your customers or business partners;
  • Collaborative marketing materials that will help your customers understand the many exciting benefits they will receive through your affiliation with Custom Bar Interiors;
  • When your customers needs something that you thought was out of your reach, give that first-class service and added value Custom Bar Interiors has to offer

Read more about why your clients  can benefit from Custom Bar Interiors showroom and design process.

To take advantage of these benefits and become a valued business partner with Custom Bar Interiors, contact us now

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